The Lizard Peninsular is a very special place where you can relax and explore... and discover a genuinely authentic Cornwall. One guest at Penarvor Cottage described the Lizard as "wonderfully undeveloped". And at this self-catering holiday accommodation you can wake up to panoramic views of the sea and then step out into your very own coastal adventure. 


The Lizard is beautiful in any season but if you visit early in the year (February, March or April) you will discover some extra special experiences. Watch stormy seas from a cosy cottage with a roaring log fire, walk down to deserted beaches which you can have all to yourself, sit on the dramatic clifftops among thousands of tiny multi-coloured spring flowers... these moments will give you special memories that will last a lifetime.

Lizard Point in the golden light of late winter / early spring, viewed from the South West Coast Path

Housel Cove all to yourself, just a short walk from Penarvor Cottage.

You can have a beautiful Cornish cove all to yourself when you visit the Lizard in late winter or early spring. Take time out from the busy-ness of life and find your own special space to build up your energy for the year ahead.

Finding Housel Cove from the cliff path

Discover your own little beach

The famously beautiful Kynance Cove early in the year

Explore Kynance's rocks and caves

The rock formations at Kynance Cove helped to inspire JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth in 'Lord of the Rings'

Some guests at Penarvor Cottage choose to stay when the weather is likely to be wilder because they love 'storm-watching'. You can be cosy inside while looking out over the Atlantic with the ever-changing light shining on the crashing waves. And then you can walk down to the South West Coast Path for an up-close-and-personal experience of Cornish maritime life.

Lizard Point in the March sunshine

Watch seabirds on rocks below Penarvor Cottage

Walk windswept cliffs above the swirling sea

The weather viewed from Penarvor Cottage can often be beautifully dramatic

Flowers on the cliffs near Penarvor Cottage

As spring approaches, the flowers start to appear along the Lizard cliffs and hundreds of multi-coloured blooms gradually join together to make an amazing display. Some are very rare and the Lizard is famous for its wild flowers and plants. For more info visit Natural Lizard and Plantlife.

Clifftop flowers frame the views of the sea

Find your own special place among the rocks and flowers

A burst of colour along the South West Coast Path, with Penarvor Cottage in the background

Sunsets can be spectacular on the Lizard throughout the year but in winter and spring the position of the sun in the sky means the sunsets can be particularly stunning. Guests at Penarvor Cottage often say that the sunsets are one of the most special things about staying there.

Man-of-War Rocks, illuminated as the sun starts to set

Fast-moving clouds can create quite a light show

Every evening is a unique experience

Yet another of the many amazing Cornish sunset photos taken from Penarvor Cottage, The Lizard, Cornwall.


Autumn and Christmas at The Lizard have their own special charms. After the summer, the cooler weather makes it feel even easier to stride out along the dramatic South West Coast Path, to take time to be inspired by the natural beauty, and to relax into the unique experience of being at the most southern point of the British mainland.

September on The Lizard can still feel like summer but the beaches suddenly become much quieter. So you can have more of a beautiful cove all to yourself. 

Housel Cove in September, a short walk from Penarvor Cottage.

Mullion Island viewed from the South West Coast Path in September

There are still plenty of flowers on the cliffs in September. So this adds to the wonderful experience of walking the path that follows the coast around the whole of the Lizard Peninsula.

As autumn progresses you can get up close to the local fishing boats which are pulled up out of the water at the end of the lobster season.

Pulling up the lobster boats for autumn at Polpeor Cove, below the cliffs in front of Penarvor Cottage.

October morning at Penarvor Cottage.

Your day in October can start with sunshine that is still quite warm because you are at the most southerly point on the British mainland.

The south Cornish coast has much milder weather than other parts of the UK. This makes The Lizard a great place for an autumn holiday and a real haven for a break to recover from a busy time at work. Sea temperatures retain their warmth well into the autumn, so it is a good time for water sports.

October water sports make the most of the quiet beaches.

A sunny November view from the South West Coast Path

November is one of the quietest months of the year for visitor numbers and yet it can be an ideal time to enjoy The Lizard, especially when accommodation prices can be much lower. This is especially true of Penarvor Cottage which offers self-catering accommodation for up to six people. In November the nightly price is good value even if there are only two guests.

Even in November, locals and visitors alike love the alfresco dining at Polpeor Cafe, which is the British mainland's most southerly eatery. Who wouldn't want to enjoy good coffee and homemade food while looking out over a beautiful Cornish cove towards the Atlantic Ocean? And it's just a short walk from Penarvor Cottage.

It's November the 30th but eating outside with that view is food for the soul!

November and December provide the ultimate winter walk that ideally should be followed by a cosy log fire. At Penarvor Cottage there are logs and a wood-burning stove just waiting for you.

This coast path and its spectacular view can be all yours for an amazing walk along the edge of the sea.

The log burner at Penarvor Cottage is perfect for building a roaring fire in just a few minutes.

As the Autumn weather becomes more dramatic, with higher winds and faster-moving clouds, so do the views from the cliffs and Penarvor Cottage.

Spray, perhaps 40m high, crashes over Man-of-War Rocks...

...and yet there are still wild flowers on the cliffs.

Christmas at Penarvor Cottage is celebrated with decorations that have a mix of both Cornish and nautical themes.

A glowing tree...

...with Cornish ribbons,

and Christmas bunting...

...with more Cornish tartan!

The nautical theme is inspired by a traditional Christmas carol.

The New Year is traditionally a time for celebration and contemplation. What better place to achieve both than at Penarvor Cottage, The Lizard, Cornwall. The location of the house means that during autumn, winter and spring you can see the sun both rise and set over the sea in front of you. It can be quite a profound experience, and perfect for contemplating life and being inspired for the year ahead.

Sunrise over Lizard Lighthouse as seen from Penarvor Cottage towards the left...

...and the sun setting towards the right of the cottage's panoramic view of the sea.

A golden winter sunset over Man-of-war Rocks tells you that you are somewhere very special.